Price: 5,95 Euro
Size: 16“ x 11“ (ca 40 x 29 cm)
This pattern is available here:
You get this pattern as pdf file for personal use.

Thanks to Birgit, Annica and Sandra for testing!

The Wildcat should not be your first paper piecing pattern. It consists of small pieces and is not easy to sew for beginners.

Some hints:

When you sew two sections together remember that a little bit of fabric will be hold in the ditch. So I sew a little bit outside of the lines.

Fabric requirement:

You can‘t say exactly how many fabric you will need when you paperpiece but I think that 12“ over the entire fabric width of the blue background and the same from the dark and light cat fur fabric will be okay. From the green background I think 10“ over the entire fabric width would be enough..

Same colors needn‘t have the same fabric. As I sewed the ears of my cat the rose fabric was nearly invisable next to the light fur fabric, so I decided to sew her nose in a heavier pink. My dark fur fabric is nearly black. But when you choose a lighter fabric, I would sew the pupil black anyways.

And I think our wildcat will look wild with a pelt of sraps, too.

Yes, she looks a bit grumpy! My husband told me, she have to show that she was a WILDcat and no tame pussy.

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